James White

Running Back • Patriots

2018 Projections

40 128 60 521 3


One of the better third-down backs in the league, White has averaged 52.0 receptions, 463.3 receiving yards and 4.0 TD catches over the last three seasons. He ranked 10th among running backs in receptions last year and third in 2016. White played a higher percentage of offensive snaps last season (39 percent) than any other New England back and will once again serve as the Patriots’ primary passing-down back.


As helpful as he can be as a receiver, White brings almost nothing to the table as a runner. His 171 rushing yards last year were a career high, and not counting the playoffs, he’s had two career TD runs.

Bottom Line

What you see is what you get. A prolific receiver but a nonfactor as a runner, White is far more valuable in PPR leagues than he is in standard leagues.

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