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Jamaal Williams

Running Back • Packers

2018 Projections

149 542 4 25 210


A fourth-round draft pick out of BYU, Williams led the Packers in rushing as a rookie and helped carry the Green Bay offense after injuries sidelined QB Aaron Rodgers and RBs Ty Montgomery and Aaron Jones. Williams ran for 522 yards over the Packersí final eight games, and all six of his touchdowns came in Green Bayís final nine games. Williams was surprisingly useful as a pass catcher, producing more than 30 receiving yards in five games. A no-frills runner who seems tailor-made for goal-line work and has also shown proficiency as a pass blocker, Williams figures to play an important role for Green Bay this year.


The Packers have one of the more confounding RB situations, and we might not have a clear idea of how carries will be divided by the time Week One rolls around. Williams isnít especially fast or elusive. His per-carry average last season was unimpressive, and his longest run covered only 25 yards.

Bottom Line

Williams became a useful fantasy contributor over the second half of the 2017 regular season, but his ascendance was based more on the Packersí desperation than on pure merit. Heís good enough to have a sizable role in the Green Bay offense but probably not good enough to become the lead back.

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