Jack Doyle

Tight End • Colts

2018 Projections

69 680 4


Among tight ends, only Travis Kelce had more receptions than the 80 Doyle recorded in 2017. He gained 690 yards receiving and scored four times. In 2016, Doyle caught 59 passes for 584 yards and five touchdowns. Over the last two seasons, only Kelce (168), Ertz (152), and Rudolph (140) have more receptions than Doyle (139). An undrafted free agent from Western Kentucky, Doyle signed a three-year $18.9 million contract just prior to the 2017 season. He was selected to his first Pro Bowl after last season.


Doyle averaged just 8.6 yards per reception last season. One might dismiss that stat as an anomaly based on the 2017 popgun version of the Colts offense. However, Doyle has averaged only 8.5 yards per catch in his five NFL seasons. In Doyleís first three NFL seasons (2013-15), he had 38 combined receptions for a total of just 209 yards and three TDs. The QB situation in Indy will remain iffy until Andrew Luck proves his shoulder is healed. Former first-rounder Eric Ebron signed with the Colts and could be heavily involved.

Bottom Line

There are a few un-knowns with Doyle. Who is going to be throwing him the ball? How will Frank Reich fare in his first season as head coach? If Luck is the QB, will he look to Doyle as often as Jacoby Brissett did? Will Ebron cut into Doyleís production? Fair questions -- letís take them one at a time. First, the QB situation canít truly be known until Luck takes the field in the regular season. As far as Reich, he canít do much worse on offense than the Colts did in 2017. They ranked 30th in both passing yards and points scored. Besides, Reich was the offensive coordinator in TE-friendly Philadelphia. If Luck is the QB, Doyle might not catch 80 balls, but he should produce more yards per catch, and probably more TDs. Finally, Ebron has underperformed his entire career. The trend is your friend. Doyle is a reasonable, if unspectacular, TE1 option.

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