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Isaiah Crowell

Running Back • Jets

2018 Projections

180 738 4 27 215


Crowell signed with the Jets in March after four solid seasons in Cleveland, and heís the favorite to serve as the early-down back. He was a solid-if-unspectacular performer for the Browns, averaging 779.5 rushing yards a year and amassing 2,306 yards from scrimmage over the last two years. Extremely durable, Crowell has yet to miss an NFL game. And despite having four professional seasons under his belt, Crowell is only 25 years old, so heís still young enough to have a fantasy breakthrough.


There have been some impressive individual games, but Crowell has never been able to gather any steady fantasy momentum, which has made him a tricky player for his owners to manage in recent years. Crowell hasnít been a prolific TD scorer, with 22 touchdowns in 64 career games (though in fairness, part of that is attributable to having spent four years with the lowly Browns). The Jets have a crowded backfield, with productive veteran Bilal Powell and youngster Elijah McGuire among the other RBs in the mix.

Bottom Line

Crowell has established himself as a solid performer, but his ceiling has always been pretty low, and he isnít likely to raise that ceiling much higher after moving from one shaky NFL team to another.

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