Golden Tate

Wide Receiver • Lions

2018 Projections

128 91 1008 5


Tate has totaled at least 90 receptions in all four of his seasons in Detroit, and heís had more than 1,000 receiving yards in three of those seasons. The mega-efficient Tate has caught 70.6 percent of his targets during his stint with the Lions while averaging a respectable 11.4 yards per catch. Heís averaged 131.8 targets over the last four seasons. Tate hasnít missed a game since 2012.


In 64 regular-season games with the Lions, Tate has scored only 19 touchdowns, and heís never had more than seven TD catches in a single season. Tateís 122 targets last season were the fewest heís had since coming to Detroit in 2014, and Tateís target count could decrease further this season if impressive young WR Kenny Golladay plays a larger role in his second season with the Lions.

Bottom Line

More valuable in PPR leagues than in standard-scoring leagues, Tate is a consistent fantasy performer with a steady role in an above-average passing attack.

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