Ezekiel Elliott

Running Back • Cowboys

2018 Projections

327 1398 12 45 402 1


One of the few true workhorses left at the RB position, Elliott was riding a streak of eight consecutive games with 20 or more carries, when he finally dropped his appeals of a six-game personal-conduct suspension that had hung over his head for months, bringing his season to an early end. In 10 games, Elliott finished just shy of 1,000 rushing yards and punched in nine touchdowns. His 2017 average of 17.7 fantasy points per game trailed only Todd Gurley among running backs. Over his first two seasons, Elliott has averaged 22.6 carries a game. Heís been a wildly prolific TD scorer, averaging a touchdown a game over 25 regular-season contests. Although the Cowboysí offensive line wasnít as dominant last year as it had been in 2016, it still graded out as one of the top run-blocking units in the league. Elliott hasnít been a high-volume pass catcher, but heís been highly efficient when called upon as a receiver, averaging 10.9 yards per catch.


Itís fair to say that Elliott comes with character concerns. Last yearís suspension was for allegations of domestic violence. While Elliott has never been arrested or charged with a crime, an investigation by the Dallas Morning News found that he has appeared in at least four police reports since June 2014 as part of investigations for assault, battery, domestic violence and disorderly conduct. On the field, there doesnít seem to be as much to worry about, though after averaging 5.1 yards per carry as a rookie, Elliott averaged only 4.1 yards per carry last season.

Bottom Line

He might not be an angel, but itís hard to quibble with Elliottís performance over his first two NFL seasons. Heís worthy of being an early first-round pick in all fantasy formats.

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