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Evan Engram

Tight End • Giants

2018 Projections

69 858 7


The Giants selected Engram with their first-round selection (No. 23 overall) in the 2017 draft. The rookie out of Ole Miss responded with 64 receptions for 722 yards and six touchdowns in 15 games. Engram led the Giants in receptions and receiving TDs and finished 9 yards behind Sterling Shepard for the team lead in receiving yards. Selected four picks after the Bucs drafted O.J. Howard, Engram out-produced Howard by a significant margin.


Engram missed Week 17 with a rib injury. When selecting Engram, fantasy owners will have to be comfortable with the fact his body of work does not have nearly the depth of guys like Gronkowski, Kelce, Ertz and Greg Olsen. He just hasnít done it as long as those guys. With Odell Beckham Jr. returning to the New York lineup, and with Saquon Barkley on board, itís unlikely Engram will remain the top target in the passing game.

Bottom Line

At 6-3, 240 pounds, Engram is basically a hybrid WR/TE. He is a tremendous weapon in the receiving game. The return of Beckham could actually lead to more opportunities for Engram, especially in the red zone. Defenses focused on stopping OBJ might not be able to devote the attention necessary to stopping the second-year TE. The only factors keeping Engram out of the top three in these rankings are his limited body of work, along with some concerns about the Giantsí offensive attack.

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