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Emmanuel Sanders

Wide Receiver • Broncos

2018 Projections

123 69 848 4


A high-ankle sprain and subpar QB play were major factors in last yearís disappointing campaign for Sanders, who had been a 1,000-yard receiver in each of the three previous seasons. Sandersí ankle has healed, and the Broncos addressed their QB problem by signing Case Keenum. Last year notwithstanding, Sanders has been able to thrive in Denver, even while playing opposite high-volume WR Demaryius Thomas. Sanders averaged 139 targets a season from 2014 to 2016, and he had a reasonably healthy target share last year (92 targets in 12 games).


The 31-year-old Sanders scored only two touchdowns last season and didnít find the end zone after Sept. 17. The Broncos have been talking up second-year WR Carlos Henderson, a third-round draft pick, who missed all of his rookie season with a thumb injury. The Broncos havenít had a quality No. 3 receiver in years, and if Henderson fills that role, Sanders could lose some targets.

Bottom Line

Often underrated by fantasy owners, Sanders can probably be acquired cheaply after his nightmarish 2017 season. Until last year, Sanders had produced consistently strong numbers since joining the Broncos, so he could be a bargain in 2018 drafts.

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