Elijah McGuire

Running Back • Jets

2018 Projections

30 224 1 13 111


Although McGuire’s rookie season was by no means a resounding success, there were times when it looked like he belonged -- especially in a Week Four game against the Jaguars in which he gouged the league’s best defense for 10-93-1 rushing (including a 69-yard TD run) and 2-38-0 receiving. McGuire was a good pass catcher in college, and his receiving skills might help keep him involved in the Jets’ offense.


The Jets have a crowded RB stable, with Bilal Powell already ahead of McGuire on the depth chart and Isaiah Crowell and Thomas Rawls coming aboard in free agency. The game against Jacksonville was McGuire’s only noteworthy performance last year. He doesn’t seem to have good run vision and has a bad habit of trying to bounce runs outside too often.

Bottom Line

McGuire has yet to prove himself at the NFL level and could quickly fall off the radar, but it’s too early to completely dismiss him.

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