Duke Johnson

Running Back • Browns

2018 Projections

72 294 1 60 546 2


One of the best pass-catching running backs in the game, Johnson had a career-high 74 receptions last year, finishing fourth among running backs in that category. His 993 receiving yards ranked third among running backs. After scoring only three touchdowns in his first two seasons, Johnson boosted his TD count to seven last year. Efficient with his touches, Johnson has averaged 9.3 yards per catch in his three years with the Browns, and he’s averaged 4.6 yards per carry over the last two seasons. The Browns signed Carlos Hyde in the offseason and drafted Nick Chubb, but Johnson’s role as Cleveland’s primary passing-down back is assured. The 5-9, 210-pound Johnson hasn’t missed a game in his three NFL seasons.


The seven touchdowns that Johnson scored last year might represent his TD ceiling. He hasn’t been much of a TD scorer to date, and the Browns’ offense is still a work in progress. Johnson has averaged 5.4 carries a game for his career and has yet to run for even 400 yards in a single season. Pigeonholed as a pass-catching specialist, Johnson’s only path to becoming a lead back would be a wave of injuries to the Browns’ other backs.

Bottom Line

In PPR leagues, Johnson has RB2 value and is a key roster piece. In standard-scoring leagues, Johnson has RB3 value and limited upside.

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