Doug Martin

Running Back • Raiders

2018 Projections

98 367 3 18 141


When hes on, Martin is a shifty, powerful runner with a three-down skill set. He had 1,454 rushing yards, 472 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns as a rookie with the Buccaneers in 2012. Following two injury-marred seasons, he topped 1,400 rushing yards again in 2015, averaging a career-high 4.9 yards per carry. After wearing out his welcome in Tampa, Martin gets a fresh start with the Raiders, who might have RB snaps for the taking if 32-year-old Marshawn Lynch starts to show his age.


At 29, Martin is no youngster himself, and hes struggled with injuries during his career. Hes been woefully ineffective as a runner over the past two seasons, averaging just 2.9 yards per carry. Martin is clearly behind Lynch on the depth chart and will also have to battle Jalen Richard and DeAndre Washington for snaps. Martin served a four-game suspension last year for violating the NFLs drug policy.

Bottom Line

One of the most inscrutable fantasy performers in the NFL, Martin has been alternately terrific and horrific over his six NFL seasons. Its hard to tell which version of Martin well see in 2018, but based on last years showing, its hard to be optimistic.

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