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Donte Moncrief

Wide Receiver • Jaguars

2018 Projections

60 32 433 3


Although he hasn’t been able to put it all together yet, Moncrief has an appealing combination of size and speed, he’s shown flashes of potential over his four NFL seasons, and he’ll have just turned 25 when the new season begins. The 6-2, 216-pound Moncrief signed a one-year, $9.6-million deal with the Jaguars in the offseason. He’s probably going to compete with Keelan Cole for the final spot in three-WR sets, and Moncrief has the better athletic profile and draft pedigree.


Moncrief seemed to be on the verge of big things after a 64-catch season back in 2015, but he’s been heading in the wrong direction, at least in part because of injuries. After missing seven games with shoulder and hamstring injuries in 2016, Moncrief missed the final four games of the 2017 season with an ankle sprain. Jacksonville’s conservative offense could limit Moncrief’s targets.

Bottom Line

His career hasn’t progressed according to schedule, but his own injuries, along with injuries to Colts QB Andrew Luck in recent years, probably have a lot to do with it. Moncrief is still young and athletic enough to take a big step forward, though we’re not sure Jacksonville is the ideal venue for a receiver looking to make a quantum leap.

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