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D'Onta Foreman

Running Back • Texans

2018 Projections

147 592 4 11 90


Foreman is expected to be ready for Week One after tearing his Achillesí tendon last year in a Week 11 game against the Cardinals, and he could be poised to make a run at a lead-RB gig. A 6-0, 235-pound bulldozer with surprising speed for a big back, Foreman looked good in a limited role last season. With Lamar Miller producing mediocre results in 2017, we could see a changing of the guard this year. Foreman ran 323 times for 2,028 yards and 15 touchdowns in his final college season at Texas, and he certainly has the body to handle full-time duty in the NFL.


It remains to be seen whether Foreman will have the same sort of burst after the Achillesí injury. While Foreman will get a chance to earn a larger role this season, Miller is still the incumbent. Although he had receptions of 34 and 31 yards in a September game against the Patriots, Foreman has very limited experience as a receiver at both the college and pro levels, so itís unlikely heíll contribute much of anything in the passing game.

Bottom Line

With impressive physical tools and some impressive rookie moments, Foreman will be a popular sleeper pick in 2018 fantasy drafts. Heís a player youíll want to monitor in training camp and the preseason.

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