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DJ Moore

Wide Receiver • Panthers

2018 Projections

89 50 634 5


Moore had a productive final season at Maryland, setting a single-season school record with 80 receptions ,despite playing on a bad team that got atrocious play from its quarterbacks. Moore tested well at the combine, clocking 4.42 seconds in the 40-yard dash at 210 pounds and showing explosiveness in the broad and vertical jumps. Carolina is a pretty good landing spot for Moore, who should immediately slot in as the Panthers’ No. 2 receiver after being drafted 24th overall.


Moore’s route running needs fine-tuning. He averaged just 12.9 yards per catch last year for the Terps and disappeared against quality coverage in games against Ohio State, Wisconsin and Michigan. The Panthers have ranked 27th, 21st and 24th in pass attempts over the last three seasons, and Moore will have to share targets with Devin Funchess, TE Greg Olsen and RB Christian McCaffrey.

Bottom Line

Moore had the honor of being the first wide receiver selected in this year’s NFL draft, but he doesn’t appear to be a truly elite pro prospect and probably isn’t going to put up big numbers as a rookie.

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