Dion Lewis

Running Back • Titans

2018 Projections

140 616 4 35 282 2


Lewis left New England to sign a four-year deal with Tennessee in free agency, and while heíll no longer be part of the Patriotsí high-powered offense, the Titansí offense is on the way up. Perhaps Lewis will have a more consistent role in Tennessee, which fantasy owners would no doubt welcome. Lewis was used sparingly in the opening month of the 2017 season, playing no more than 24 percent of the offensive snaps over New Englandís first five games. But the Patriots ramped up his usage as the season went on, and he was their lead back by the time the playoffs began. He averaged 103.7 yards from scrimmage over his last seven regular-season games and scored six touchdowns over that span. Lewis stayed healthy in 2017 and played a 16-game season for the first time in his career, resulting in career-best numbers across the board.


A checkered medical history suggests that the 5-8, 195-pound Lewis comes with an elevated degree of risk, and because of his diminutive frame, a workhorse role is out of the question. Lewis is destined to split work with Derrick Henry, and the 6-3, 247-pound Henry would seem to be the more obvious candidate for goal-line carries. Despite his satellite-back frame, Lewisí pass-catching output has been modest over the last two years

Bottom Line

Although his role grew late last season, a lot of fantasy owners found it hard to start Lewis with confidence, based on the Patriotsí history of unpredictable RB management. That could change now that Lewis is in Nashville, but an expected time-share with Derrick Henry probably caps Lewisí fantasy value at the low-end RB2 or high-end RB3 level.

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