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Devontae Booker

Running Back • Broncos

2018 Projections

131 494 2 30 253


There have been reports that the Broncos remain high on Booker and will give him a chance to start this year. Although Booker has to be considered at least a mild disappointment to date, injuries have been a factor. When he began his rookie season in 2016, he was less than a year removed from two surgeries to repair a meniscus tear in his knee. Last year, he missed the first three games of the season (plus valuable training camp and preseason work) with a broken wrist. Booker has proven himself competent as a pass catcher.


We simply havenít seen very many flashes of potential from Booker over his first two NFL seasons. He hasnít been very efficient as a runner, with an average of 3.6 yards per carry over two seasons, and heís scored six touchdowns in 29 NFL games. For Booker to earn a larger role in the Denver offense, heís going to have to win a camp battle vs. rooie Royce Freeman and second-year man DeAngelo Henderson.

Bottom Line

Booker could make a nice speculative pick, but thereís face-plant potential here, too. His performance in training camp and the preseason might yield important clues to his 2018 fantasy value.

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