Devonta Freeman

Running Back • Falcons

2018 Projections

210 946 9 44 361 1


Over the last three seasons, Freeman has finished first, sixth and 13th in RB fantasy scoring. Hes a versatile performer who shines as both a runner and receiver, and while he stands only 5-8 and weighs 206 pounds, Freeman has been very effective at the goalline. Since 2015, hes scored 35 touchdowns in 45 regular-season games. Freeman has ratcheted up his per-touch efficiency over the last two seasons, averaging 4.6 yards per carry and 8.7 yards per catch. Yes, Freeman shares work with Tevin Coleman, but Freeman has had double-digit carries in all but three of 30 regular-season games over the last two seasons, and in one of those three games he was knocked out early with a concussion.


The presence of Coleman means that Freeman wont get the same sort of carry volume that the top-tier fantasy running backs are expected to get. Hell still get ample work, but after averaging 22.5 touches a game during his banner 2015 season, hes averaged 17.1 touches a game over the past two years. Freeman sustained a concussion during the 2017 preseason, then had another during the regular season that caused him to miss two games.

Bottom Line

He might not get the respect he deserves in this years fantasy drafts because the Falcons use a two-man backfield, but Freeman has demonstrated that he can produce RB1 numbers even with Tevin Coleman taking a small bite out of his workload.

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