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DeVante Parker

Wide Receiver • Dolphins

2018 Projections

97 59 755 5


Maybe, just maybe, this is the year that Parker finally lives up to his potential. The 6-3, 212-pound Parker has a nearly ideal combination of size and speed, and he has a huge catch radius. There have been flashes of big-time potential, such as when he closed his rookie season with 22 catches for 486 yards and three TDs over his final six games. Jarvis Landry left for Cleveland in the offseason, which frees up 161 targets. Parker should have every opportunity to finally make the great leap forward that so many people have been anticipating.


Weíre growing tired of waiting for Parker to break out. A lot of people expected him to step up last season, but he didnít score any touchdowns after Sept. 24, didnít have a single 100-yard game, and hit a career low in yardage per catch. Parker has missed six games due to injury over his first three seasons, and he has a reputation for not playing well when heís banged up.

Bottom Line

arker is still just 25 years old and has immense physical gifts. Heís been a tease thus far in his NFL career, but target hog Jarvis Landryís departure from Miami makes us more willing to give Parker another chance.

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