DeSean Jackson

Wide Receiver • Buccaneers

2018 Projections

93 51 797 3


Jacksonís first season with the Buccaneers didnít go according to plan, but his skill set should be a good fit for Tampa. D-Jax has long been one of the most dangerous deep threats in the game, and Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston isnít shy about making aggressive throws downfield. Jackson should also see a lot of single coverage against lesser cornerbacks because of the heavy defensive attention that fellow Bucs WR Mike Evans demands. Jackson has had three 1,000-yard seasons over the last five years. He leads all qualifying active players with a career average of 17.3 yards per catch.


D-Jax has been a streaky fantasy contributor throughout his career, checking in with some huge games but also disappearing for long stretches. He had only one 100-yard day last year and finished with less than 50 receiving yards in nine of his 14 games. Mike Evans commands an enormous target share, so Jackson isnít going to see major target volume. Jackson turns 32 in December.

Bottom Line

Itís probably too early for an age-related slowdown, but Jacksonís lack of chemistry with QB Jameis Winston last season and the continued presence of target hog Mike Evans suggest that we should keep our expectations for D-Jax in check. We do expect better numbers than the ones he posted last season, but heís an up-and-down performer, even in his good years.

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