Derrick Henry

Running Back • Titans

2018 Projections

202 867 7 17 151


With his rare blend of straight-line speed and tooth-rattling power, the 6-3, 247-pound Henry seems poised for a breakout. He had flashes of brilliance last season while splitting work with DeMarco Murray. Henry rushed for 131 yards and a touchdown against the Colts in October, iced a win over the Texans in early December with a 75-yard TD run and jolted the Chiefs with 156 rushing yards and a touchdown in a Titans playoff victory. The Titans have an improving young offense, and perhaps new head coach Mike Vrabel will make a stronger commitment to Henry than Mike Mularkey did the past two seasons.


The Titansí release of Murray in March seemed to clear the path for Henry to become the undisputed lead back, but Tennessee signed ex-Patriot Dion Lewis in free agency, which appears to set up another time-share situation. Although Henry has been efficient with his receptions, averaging 11.4 yards per catch, heís only caught 24 passes in 31 career games, so it seems inevitable that heíll yield to Lewis on obvious passing downs.

Bottom Line

Henry has tantalizing talent, but fantasy owners wonít be able to fully tap into it until he gets a more generous share of the Titansí RB touches, and that might not happen this year with newcomer Dion Lewis tagging in for the departed DeMarco Murray.

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