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Demaryius Thomas

Wide Receiver • Broncos

2018 Projections

147 93 1099 5


Although he hasnít been able to match the sort of jaw-dropping numbers he posted back when QB Peyton Manning was still near the top of his game, Thomas keeps producing useful stats, particularly for fantasy owners playing in PPR leagues. Even though his 83 receptions last season were a five-year low, Thomas ranked 11th in the league in that category. Thomas has been hamstrung by substandard QB play over the last two seasons, and if newcomer Case Keenum can stabilize that position for the Broncos, Thomas could post improved numbers across the board. Regarded as an injury risk early in his career, Thomas hasnít missed a game since 2011.


Thomasí streak of five consecutive 1,000-yard seasons was broken last year, and he averaged a career-low 11.4 yards per catch. After three straight seasons of double-digit touchdowns from 2012 to 2014, Thomas hasnít scored more than six touchdowns in any of the last three years. Keenum should give Denver improved QB play, but he has only one full season of experience as a starter, so his competency canít be assumed.

Bottom Line

Thereís little reason to doubt that Thomas is still one of the better receivers in the league, but bad QB play has dragged him down the last two years. You can get him at a discount this season, but you should only put faith in Thomas if you put faith in new Broncos QB Case Keenum.

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