Dede Westbrook

Wide Receiver • Jaguars

2018 Projections

78 43 559 4


Westbrook missed the first nine games of his rookie season due to a core muscle injury but was a significant contributor upon his return, averaging 7.3 targets and 3.9 receptions a game. A Heisman Trophy finalist in his last year at the University of Oklahoma, Westbrook has sub-4.4. speed and reliable hands, and heís a dangerous runner after the catch. Westbrook looked tremendous in the 2017 preseason, and itís possible that he could have made a bigger rookie splash were it not for the injury.


Westbrook measures only 5-11 and 178 pounds, so he might struggle against press coverage and probably wonít be a frequent end-zone target. The Jaguars have a crowded WR stable, with Marqise Lee, Keelan Cole and Donte Moncrief joining Westbrook, and Jacksonville is a run-heavy team to begin with. Westbrook slid to the fourth round of last yearís draft due to character concerns. He has been arrested twice for domestic violence.

Bottom Line

An intriguing talent, Westbrook could emerge from the crowded Jacksonville WR corps to become a useful fantasy asset, but his profile suggests that heíll be more valuable in PPR leagues than standard leagues, and there might not be ample targets to go around in Jacksonville.

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