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David Johnson

Running Back • Cardinals

2018 Projections

268 1110 9 75 722 3


His 2017 season was wiped out when he dislocated his wrist in Week One, but Johnson firmly established his bona fides in 2016, when he led all running backs with 327.8 fantasy points. It was one of just four 300-point seasons by a running back over the past 10 years, and the highest point total by a running back since Chris Johnson had 342.9 fantasy points in 2009. David Johnson had 2,118 yards from scrimmage and 20 touchdowns in 2016, accounting for 36.1 percent of the Cardinalsí offensive yardage and 41.7 percent of their offensive TDs. Quite possibly the best pass-catching running back in the game, Johnson has a career average of 11.5 yards per catch. Now that heís fully healthy again, Johnson figures to reprise his role as a three-down bell cow.


Johnsonís watershed 2016 season came in then-head coach Bruce Ariansí offense, with Carson Palmer at quarterback. Arians has retired and has been replaced by Steve Wilks. Arizonaís new offensive coordinator is former Chargers head coach Mike McCoy, and Sam Bradford is now the projected starter at quarterback. Johnson has the talent to thrive in any system, but the Arians system was tailor-made for him. The dislocated wrist that Johnson sustained last year required surgery, but as major injuries go, itís far less worrisome for a running back going forward than, say, a knee or foot injury.

Bottom Line

The Cardinals have under-gone some significant changes since we last saw Johnson on the field, but itís reasonable to expect the wildly talented back to once again be a major contributor. Johnson should be a top-five draft pick, and his pass-catching prowess makes him even more valuable in PPR leagues than in standard leagues.

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