Dalvin Cook

Running Back • Vikings

2018 Projections

249 1078 6 50 479 2


Cook’s rookie season was off to a flying start before he suffered a torn ACL against the Lions in Week Four. His recovery is reportedly on schedule, and he’s expected to be full go by Week One. Cook ran for 127 yards in his Week One debut against the Saints, then had 169 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown two weeks later against the Buccaneers. A versatile threat, Cook had 11 receptions last year and was a good pass catcher throughout his college career at Florida State. The Vikings appear to have a loaded roster, so Cook could be presented with a lot of favorable game scripts.


Obviously, it isn’t ideal that Cook sustained a major knee injury last year, though it shouldn’t be a major cause for concern going forward. It could, however, convince the Vikings that they need to be judicious in how they use their young running back. Latavius Murray had a nice season for the Vikings last year and could cut into Cook’s workload this season.

Bottom Line

We didn’t get to see much of Cook last year, but what we saw was pretty exciting. Because of his minimal track record, spending an early-round draft pick on Cook requires a leap of faith, but we’re willing to make that leap.

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