Corey Grant

Running Back • Jaguars

2018 Projections

65 280 2 8 63


Grant hasnt had many opportunities over his three-year career, but hes impressed with the few opportunities hes had, and the Jaguars thought enough of him to tender him at the second-round level when he became a restricted free agent in the offseason, eventually re-signing him to a one-year deal. In 2016, Grant had 14 carries over the first 15 weeks of the season before erupting for an 18-122-1 rushing day against the Colts in the regular-season finale. He had occasional spurts last year, including a 6-75-0 rushing performance against the Ravens in Week Three, a 56-yard TD run against the Chargers on his only carry of Week 10, and a 10-69-1 rushing day against the Texans in Week 15.


The sample size has been so small that its hard to tell whether Grant could be consistently productive with a greater volume of work. His odds of seeing a significant uptick in volume appear slim. Starter Leonard Fournette is a certified workhorse, and Grant is left to fight fellow backup T.J. Yeldon for scraps.

Bottom Line

Wed love to see more from Grant, whos had some intriguing flashes of potential, but it would probably take at least one injury for Grant to become fantasy-relevant.

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