Corey Davis

Wide Receiver • Titans

2018 Projections

118 70 812 5


The fifth overall pick in last year’s NFL draft had a disappointing rookie season. But he started to come on late, with six catches for 91 yards against the Rams in Week 16, and five catches for 63 yards and two touchdowns in a playoff loss to the Patriots, highlighted by an acrobatic 15-yard TD grab. Davis has the tools to make a major leap in his second season. He’s a skilled route runner with good size (6-3, 209) and exceptional ball skills, and he was wildly productive during his college career at Western Michigan.


Granted, the Titans’ passing game was out of sorts for much of last season, but Davis posted poor numbers across the board. He also missed five games with a hamstring injury, raising concerns about the possibility of future soft-tissue injuries.

Bottom Line

We’re willing to give Davis a pass on a forgettable rookie year. His ample tool kit and his impressive college track record suggest that he has a very good chance to become a high-level NFL receiver. A big step forward in 2018 would come as no surprise.

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