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Corey Clement

Running Back • Eagles

2018 Projections

111 455 3 18 149


An undrafted free agent, Clement made the Eagles’ 53-man roster out of training camp and became a significant contributor to the offense, scoring six touchdowns in the regular season and catching four passes for 100 yards and a TD in the Super Bowl. Clement displayed unexpected versatility as a rookie, working effectively in the passing game and at the goal line. He has quickly become a fan favorite in Philadelphia and once again should play a jack-of-all-trades role for the Eagles.


He’ll get work, but the touch counts might not be steady. Jay Ajayi will be Philly’s primary early-down back, and Wendell Smallwood and Donnel Pumphrey are also in the running for snaps. Clement proved to be a competent receiver, but he might not become a prolific one. He had 10 catches in three playoff games, but only 10 catches in 16 regular-season games.

Bottom Line

After a fine rookie season that established his importance to the Eagles’ offense, Clement will be a viable end-of-draft option in most fantasy leagues and might be just one injury away from making a major splash.

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