C.J. Prosise

Running Back • Seahawks

2018 Projections

28 126 15 148


Although we havenít seen a full sample of his abilities, Prosise offers intriguing potential. A skilled pass catcher, Prosise began his college career at Notre Dame as a wide receiver and has averaged 12.8 yards per catch on 23 NFL receptions. As a rookie in 2016, he had 153 yards from scrimmage against the Patriots, 103 yards from scrimmage against the Saints and a 72-yard TD run against the Eagles. Although Rashaad Penny and Chris Carson will dominate early-down work, Prosise has a chance to contribute on passing downs.


Prosise had his rookie season derailed by a broken scapula after six games, and he played only five games last season before an ankle injury put him on the shelf for good. There just isnít much to go on here. And even if he manages to stay healthy, Prosise will be operating behind what has been one of the worst offensive lines in the league.

Bottom Line

Durability issues and a poor offensive line are potential obstacles, but Prosise is a talented, versatile back who has a chance to surprise.

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