Christian McCaffrey

Running Back • Panthers

2018 Projections

175 680 4 81 646 3


McCaffrey entered the NFL last year with a reputation for having a broad skill set, having broken Barry Sandersí collegiate record for all-purpose yardage in a single season. While the rushing ability he demonstrated at Stanford didnít immediately translate, he quickly established his pass-catching cred at the professional level. McCaffrey had the third-highest reception total by a running back last season and ranked fifth among running backs in receiving yardage. The Panthers arenít very strong at wide receiver, so McCaffrey should continue to play a prominent role in the passing game. Itís also possible heíll play a bigger role in the running game now that Jonathan Stewart has left town.


He was terrific as a pass catcher, but McCaffrey didnít bring much to the table as a runner during his rookie season. He was held to fewer than 40 rushing yards in 12 of 16 games and never had more than 66 rushing yards in any contest. He had only two TD runs, and with his 5-11, 205-pound frame, McCaffrey probably isnít going to get many goal-line carries (although he might occasionally be split out wide or used in the slot in goal-line situations).

Bottom Line

More valuable in PPR leagues than in standard leagues, McCaffrey should continue to be a major contributor as a pass catcher, but the rushing outlook isnít as sunny.

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