Chris Thompson

Running Back • Washington

2018 Projections

68 333 2 57 492 2


Thompson was enjoying the best season of his four-year career before breaking his right leg in a Week 11 game against the Saints. He scored four touchdowns over the first three weeks of the season and averaged 80.4 yards from scrimmage over the 10 games he played. The mercury-quick Thompson has long been a threat as a pass catcher, and though he hasn’t been a heavy-duty runner, he has a career average of 5.2 yards per carry. Used sparingly earlier in his career, Thompson played more than half of Washington’s offensive snaps in each of his last seven games.


Will the increased usage stick, or will Thompson go back to a more traditional third-down role? His NFL rushing totals have been modest, and he’s never going to be treated as the type of back who can regularly carry the mail on early downs.

Bottom Line

Washington head coach Jay Gruden expanded Thompson’s role last season, and Thompson became fantasy relevant, not just in PPR leagues but in standard leagues, too. Thompson is draftable in all leagues and has significant value in PPR formats.

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