Chris Hogan

Wide Receiver • Patriots

2018 Projections

82 52 676 5


From a numbers standpoint, Hogan was probably the biggest beneficiary of the offseason trade that sent Brandin Cooks from New England to Los Angeles. Hogan is now positioned to be Tom Bradyís primary outside receiver, which could lead to a volume boost. Even with Cooks around, Hogan was a frequent red-zone target early last season, catching five TD passes from Brady in the Patriotsí first five games. He also had six catches for 128 yards and a touchdown in the Patriotsí Super Bowl loss to the Eagles. Obviously, having a prominent role in a Brady-triggered offense gives Hogan fantasy upside, particularly as far as touchdowns.


While Cooks departed, Julian Edelman is returning from a knee injury that caused him to miss the entire 2017 season, and the Patriots signed WR Jordan Matthews, so there may not be a big net gain (or any gain at all, perhaps) in Hoganís target volume. Hogan has never had more than 41 catches, 680 receiving yards or five TD catches in a single season.

Bottom Line

The departure of Brandin Cooks could boost Hoganís fantasy outlook, though we should probably keep our expectations modest. Hogan will turn 30 in October and has never been a consistently useful fantasy contributor.

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