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Chris Carson

Running Back • Seahawks

2018 Projections

99 409 4 19 155


The fifth-to-last pick in the 2017 draft, Carson was looking like a late-round gem for the Seahawks before a gruesome leg injury in the late stages of a Week Four game against the Colts ended his season. With Carson on the shelf, Seattle’s ground game was completely inept -- Mike Davis led the Seahawks’ backs with 240 rushing yards. Expected to be ready for training camp, Carson should get a chance to be a contributor to the Seahawks’ run game


Seattle spent a first-round draft pick on Rashaad Penny, so Carson isn’t favored to be the Week One starter. Will Carson be as good as new after breaking his leg last year? As good as he looked last season, it was only a four-game sample. Carson ran for more than 42 yards only once and scored a single touchdown. Another big concern is Seattle’s offensive line, which was abysmal last season and might not be much better in 2018.

Bottom Line

He looked legitimate early last season and will have a chance to play a prominent role for the Seahawks this year, but because of the small sample size and Seattle’s run-blocking woes, Carson is a somewhat risky investment.

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