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Case Keenum

Quarterback • Broncos

2018 Projections

237 380 2710 14 11 79 1


Keenum entered the 2017 campaign as the backup to Sam Bradford in Minnesota. In a development that surprised no one, Bradford was injured in the season opener. In relief of Bradford, Keenum made 14 starts (15 games) and threw for 3,547 yards (12th in the league) and 22 TDs. He ran 40 times for 160 yards and one touchdown. Keenum set career marks in passing yards, touchdowns, completion percentage (67.6 percent) and passer rating (98.3). In his second 2017 start, Week Three against Tampa Bay, Keenum threw for 369 yards and three TDs. In Week 10 at Washington, he threw for 304 yards and four touchdowns. Denver signed Keenum in free agency to a two-year, $36 million contract with $25 million guaranteed. The Broncos also surprised many observers by not selecting a quarterback in the 2018 NFL draft. Denver, it would appear, is committed to Keenum, at least for this season.


The Broncos were 27th in scoring in 2017 and 21st in 2016. Denver did not have a quarterback in the top 25 passing leaders last season. In the offseason, they switched offensive coordinators from Mike McCoy to Bill Musgrave. Head coach Vance Joseph is on a short leash. Keenum is 30 years old and headed into his sixth NFL season, but, prior to 2017, he had never started more than nine games in any season. Keenum is a bit undersized with mediocre arm strength.

Bottom Line

It will be interesting to see in 2018 if Keenum can duplicate his Minnesota magic from last season. He joins a team in Denver that has not gotten much done offensively in the last few seasons. Keenum is likely to go undrafted in many fantasy leagues but could be a popular in-season addition, especially if Denver fares better than expected.

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