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Carson Wentz

Quarterback • Eagles

2018 Projections

326 541 4017 29 13 318 4


In just his second NFL season, Wentz had a breakout 2017. He had 33 TD passes in only 13 games, and only Wilson (34) had more. Until Wentz went down with an ACL/LCL tear at L.A. in Week 14, he was an MVP candidate, if not the favorite. He threw for four touchdowns in four games last season and topped 300 passing yards four times. His best game might have been in Week Five against the Cardinals, when he threw for 304 yards and four TDs. After throwing 14 interceptions in his rookie year, he cut that number in half in 2017. Wentz was selected No. 2 overall by the Eagles in the 2016 draft. Although he played his college ball off the radar at North Dakota State, the 6-foot-5, 237-pounder caught the attention of pro scouts. His performance at the Senior Bowl, combine, and pro day cemented his status as a consensus first-round selection.


You caught the part about an ACL/LCL tear, right? Although the Eagles are optimistic he will be ready for the start of the 2018 season, it is not a given. Wentz is athletic and mobile, but he did not produce a single rushing TD in 2017. (He had two in his rookie season.) Although he finished second in TD passes last season, he was 19th in passing yards. In fairness, he was on pace for 4,057 passing yards (in 16 games), which would have been good for eighth on the list. In two seasons, Wentz has fumbled 23 times and lost six.

Bottom Line

If it weren’t for the knee injury, Wentz might well top this list. Rodgers is coming off his collarbone injury, and Brady and Brees are approaching the ends of their careers. If healthy, Wentz could take the mantle as top fantasy QB and keep it for quite some time. The later your league drafts, the better handle you will likely have on Wentz’s physical condition. Keep track of his progress through the preseason. If he’s good to go, he should be one of the first QBs -- if not the very first QB -- selected

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