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Carlos Hyde

Running Back • Browns

2018 Projections

100 400 4 14 89


Over the last two seasons, Hyde scored 17 touchdowns in 29 games for a 49ers outfit that didn’t always make regular visits to the red zone. He had far and away the best pass-catching season of his career in 2017, more than doubling his previous career highs in receptions and receiving yardage. Although the Browns were winless last year, their run blocking was pretty respectable (at least based on Football Outsiders’ run-blocking metrics), and the offensive line still looks decent, even after the retirement of stalwart OLT Joe Thomas.


The Browns took Nick Chubb early in the second round of the NFL draft, casting a long shadow over Hyde’s fantasy value. For the first three years of Hyde’s career, he had been fairly productive when healthy, but health was a frequent obstacle. He managed to play a full 16-game season last year, but his overall numbers were ordinary, and his per-carry average was the worst of his career. As for injuries, he’s missed time with foot, knee, back and shoulder ailments.

Bottom Line

Hyde has demonstrated talent as a runner throughout his career, and his improvement as a receiver is encouraging, but he landed on another low-scoring team and will have to compete with the highly regarded Chubb.

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