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Cameron Meredith

Wide Receiver • Saints

2018 Projections

78 52 676 5


Meredith missed the entire 2017 season after tearing his left ACL and spraining his MCL in a preseason game against the Titans. But he had enjoyed a breakthrough campaign in 2016, when he led the Bears in catches and receiving yardage. When the Bears only gave Meredith an original-round tender in the offseason, the Saints swooped in and signed him to a two-year, $9.6-million offer sheet that the Bears declined to match. The change of venue figures to be a plus, as Meredith is now part of one of the NFL’s best offenses and will be catching passes from Drew Brees.


Was the Bears’ decision not to give Meredith a second-round tender a miscalculation, or did the team have legitimate concerns about Meredith’s recovery from a major knee injury? Even if there are no health concerns and Meredith is good to go for Week One, he’ll be playing a subordinate role behind the Saints’ No. 1 receiver, Michael Thomas.

Bottom Line

A former college quarterback, Meredith is a terrific athlete who made a splash in 2016 and has now joined a top offense, but he’ll have to show that he’s fully recovered. His fantasy value will largely be determined by reports out of training camp.

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