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Brandin Cooks

Wide Receiver • Rams

2018 Projections

100 63 939 7


Cooks has ranked in the top 12 in WR fantasy scoring in each of the last three years, averaging 75.7 catches, 1,131 yards and 8.0 touchdowns a season over that stretch. With his 4.33 speed, Cooks offers major big-play potential. He averaged 16.6 yards per catch last season and had seven receptions of 40 yards or more. Since the offseason trade that sent him from the Patriots to the Rams, Cooks has been training with Rams QB Jared Goff, in an effort to build rapport.


Letís face it: The move from New England to Los Angeles sticks a giant pin in Cooksí fantasy balloon. We saw Sammy Watkins get squeezed for targets in L.A. last year while playing with WRs Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp. Cooks may well get a considerably larger target share than Watkins had, but itís hard to see Cooks equaling the 114 targets he saw last season. Not only does Cooks have to share targets with other quality receivers, but the Rams now appear to have one of the best rosters in the NFC, which means they figure to be leading in a lot of games, which could lead to a lot of run-heavy game scripts.

Bottom Line

Cooks has been -- and remains -- a terrific receiver, but the trade to the Rams severely damages his fantasy value. Heís likely to be overdrafted by fantasy owners who fail to see the inevitable target squeeze coming.

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