Bo Scarbrough

Running Back • Cowboys

2018 Projections

45 198 3 7 48


Scarbrough was drafted to back up Ezekiel Elliott in Dallas, where he’ll be running behind a good offensive line whenever he sees the field. Elliott served a six-game suspension last season for allegations of domestic violence, and if he were to incur further league punishment, Scarbrough could gain massive fantasy value. As a king-sized (6-1, 232 pounds) running back from the University of Alabama, Scarbrough will inevitably draw comparisons to Derrick Henry. Like Henry, Scarbrough is a powerful runner who shows surprising wheels once he builds up a head of steam.


As long as Elliott is playing, Scarbrough will be a marginal contributor. Scarbrough missed some time with leg injuries in college and shared work with other backs, so he doesn’t have an extensive résumé. His upright running style invites punishment, and it takes a lot of time for him to get up to full speed. Scarbrough hasn’t shown much as a pass catcher to date.

Bottom Line

If Elliott stays healthy, Scarbrough will barely play. But if Elliott were to go down, Scarbrough would inherit a valuable windfall of carries. The rookie is basically undraftable, but Elliott owners should look to add him as a handcuff as the fantasy playoffs draw near.

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