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Bilal Powell

Running Back • Jets

2018 Projections

104 436 2 32 239


An underappreciated jack of all trades, Powell has churned out 2,052 yards from scrimmage and 10 TDs for the Jets over the past two seasons. The versatile Powell is a good pass catcher and can also handle early-down work. In 2017, he posted career highs in carries, rushing yardage and TD runs. Powell has been an efficient producer throughout his career, with a career average of 4.4 ypc.


The Jets have a crowded back-field, and though Powell figures to still have a role despite the addition of Isaiah Crowell, itís probably going to be a committee role. With John Morton taking over as the Jetsí OC last year, Powell had three-year lows in receptions, receiving yardage and TD catches. Powell, who turns 30 in October, has never reached 800 rushing yards in a single season.

Bottom Line

Powell has been a useful bench option in fantasy leagues the past couple of years, but he doesnít offer much upside, and his declining usage in the passing game is an ominous trend.

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