Austin Seferian-Jenkins

Tight End • Jaguars

2018 Projections

39 427 5


Last season with the Jets, Seferian-Jenkins posted career marks in receptions (50) and receiving yards (357). He was picked by Tampa Bay in the second round (No. 38 overall) of the 2014 NFL draft. The Jaguars made Seferian-Jenkins a priority in free agency, signing him to a two-year, $10 million deal in March.


Seferian-Jenkins is playing for his third NFL team -- quite a few for a player entering his sixth season as a pro. Some in NFL circles might attribute the moves to “fit,” while others might use the term “jerk.” (You say “tomato”…) Seferian-Jenkins can boast he is a 1,000-yard NFL receiver. Of course, he might not want to advertise the fact it took him five seasons to get there. Seferian-Jenkins has dealt with numerous injuries and has never played more than 13 games in any professional season. Although eligible to play in 80 regular-season games during his five-year career, he has made it on the field for just 38.

Bottom Line

Last season was, by far, his best campaign as a pro. Seferian-Jenkins claims to have dealt with his off-field issues and is ready to begin anew in Jacksonville. The Jaguars have been inconsistent in their passing game, but perhaps the big tight end will be a reliable red-zone target for Blake Bortles. It’s concerning that Marcedes Lewis caught 24 balls last season and Julius Thomas caught just 30 in 2016. There are too many question marks to consider Seferian-Jenkins as TE1 in fantasy. He’s not a bad option as a backup, however.

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