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Austin Hooper

Tight End • Falcons

2018 Projections

51 621 2


In 2017 -- his second NFL season -- Hooper caught 49 passes for 526 yards and three touchdowns. In the season opener in Chicago, he reeled off an 88-yard score, the longest of his young career. Hooper is part of a long line of Stanford tight ends to make it to the NFL. The Falcons selected him in the third round (No. 81 overall) of the 2016 draft.


In larger leagues, Hooper was one of the most added and dropped players in fantasy last season. He’ll have an OK week, and then disappear for several games. He had 128 yards receiving against Chicago, and five catches for 50 yards against Buffalo in Week Four. That was the final time he crested 50 yards receiving in a game last year.

Bottom Line

Hooper turns 24 in October and might well have his best foot-ball in front of him. Unfortunately for Hooper, a lot of red-zone routes that would normally go to tight ends in other offenses, go elsewhere in Atlanta’s scheme. Until he proves he can produce on a regular basis, Hooper is more of a backup/bye-week replacement.

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