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Anthony Miller

Wide Receiver • Bears

2018 Projections

85 50 605 4


Miller produced exceptional numbers during his final two seasons at Memphis, with 95-1,434-14 as a junior and 96-1,462-18 as a senior. A fiery competitor, Miller provides top effort and brings a mature skill set to the NFL. He can line up outside or in the slot. The Bears traded a 2019 second-round pick and a fourth-rounder this year to New England to move back into Round Two for Miller, so they likely envision a sizable rookie role for him.


With a penchant for drops and fumbles, Miller’s hands could become an issue at the pro level. Miller doesn’t have exceptional speed for a receiver who’s on the small side (5-11, 190). Allen Robinson is going to soak up a lot of targets, and Miller will have to battle Taylor Gabriel and TE Trey Burton for a share of the remaining chances.

Bottom Line

Chicago should be a pretty good landing spot for Miller, who will have the opportunities to contribute right away to what could be an up-and-coming offense.

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