Andy Dalton

Quarterback • Bengals

2018 Projections

287 462 3220 19 12 132


Dalton started all 16 games for Cincinnati last season, connecting on 25 TD passes and throwing for 3,320 yards. Dalton has played in all 16 games during six of his seven seasons. He passed for more than 4,000 yards in 2013 and 2016. His best season was 2013, when he posted career marks in passing yards (4,293) and touchdowns (33)


Dalton was 17th in passing yards last season. Of the 16 quarterbacks who finished with more yards than Dalton, six of them did not play a full season. Dalton has thrown for 30 or more touchdowns just once (2013) in his career. He has thrown for 20 or fewer TDs three times in his career. The Bengals were 27th in passing last season and 26th in scoring. Dalton has been sacked a total of 80 times in the last two seasons.

Bottom Line

There is not a lot to love here. Cincinnati appears to be a mismanaged team in decline. Dalton has not produced a solid fantasy season since 2013. He could be considered a QB2 in larger leagues, or a QB3 in leagues that allow for deeper rosters.

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