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Andrew Luck

Quarterback • Colts

2018 Projections

281 443 3315 24 12 299 4


From 2012-14, Luck was a rising star -- both in fantasy and in real football. He was selected No. 1 overall by the Colts in the 2012 NFL draft. He started all 48 games during his first three seasons. Luck posted solid numbers in his first two seasons but took things to another level in 2014, when he led the league with 41 touchdown passes and was third with 4,761 passing yards. As the 2015 season approached, many pundits ranked Luck as the No. 1 QB in fantasy football.


And its been pretty much downhill from there. He injured his shoulder on Sept. 27, 2015, against Tennessee. He played through the injury but suffered a season-ending lacerated kidney during a Week Nine game against Denver. He returned in 2016, but the shoulder continued to nag him. He had a decent season, throwing for 4,214 yards and 31 TDs, but could not shake the shoulder issues. Finally, in January 2017 -- a full 16 months after he initially injured the shoulder -- Luck underwent a procedure to fix a torn labrum in his right shoulder. The Colts announced the procedure was a success and that hed be ready for the 2017 opener. Luck did not throw in the 2017 offseason, but he was activated just prior to the season opener. He tried to rejoin the team in October but felt soreness and had to shut it down after just four practices. He was placed on season-ending injured reserve in November of 2017. As we went to press, Luck still had not thrown a ball in the 2018 offseason. The Colts have indicated he will be ready for training camp -- a familiar refrain.

Bottom Line

Wow. Before drafting Luck in anything approaching the first half of a fantasy draft, owners are going to have to get some serious updates on Lucks progress. If he is healthy, there will still remain the question of how hell play after sitting out a full season and missing 26 of his last 48 games since 2015. Luck turns 29 in September, so he may well have plenty of career in front of him. A healthy and productive Luck could be a tremendous boon to your fantasy season, and the arrival of can't-miss first-round OG Quenton Nelson should seriously strengthen Luck's protection, but a wait-and-see approach is advised.

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