Ameer Abdullah

Running Back • Lions

2018 Projections

29 110 1 7 57


There have been times during his first three NFL seasons when it looked as if Abdullah was going to become the back the Lions had hoped heíd be -- the same shifty, versatile runner who was so wildly productive during his college career at Nebraska. Abdullah is still just 25, and itís still possible that he could come on.


Abdullah simply hasnít been able to build any momentum during his three seasons in Detroit, so is it realistic to expect a breakthrough in Year Four? Itís hard to see Abdullah having anything more than a supporting role, since rookie Kerryon Johnson will get ample early-down work, Theo Riddick will play on passing downs and LeGarrette Blount will handle short-yardage duty. Abdullah has had fumbling problems that date back to his college days at Nebraska.

Bottom Line

We havenít written off Abdullah just yet, but weíre almost out of hope. Look for signs of life in early August and move on if you donít see any

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