Alvin Kamara

Running Back • Saints

2018 Projections

165 800 6 78 744 3


A third-round pick out of Tennessee, Kamara was a rookie revelation in 2017, rolling up 1,554 yards from scrimmage and leading all running backs with 826 receiving yards. Kamara was hyper-efficient last year, leading all RBs in fantasy points per touch and cranking out 13 touchdowns on 201 touches. After being used sparingly in the Saintsí first three games, Kamara averaged 109.2 yards from scrimmage the rest of the way. He showed excellent burst and a dazzling array of moves during his first professional season, and he also demonstrated remarkable tackle-breaking power for a 5-10, 215-pound back. Kamara plays in a high-functioning offense laden with talent, including a strong offensive line and future Hall of Fame QB Drew Brees. Mark Ingramís four-game PED ban to begin the season puts Kamara in the driverís seat for an enhanced role early.


Kamara shares work with Ingram, an accomplished veteran who figures to return to a big workload after his suspension ends. Ingram out-touched his younger teammate 288-201 last year. It might seem silly to hold Kamaraís incredible 2017 efficiency against him, but some regression in that area seems inevitable.

Bottom Line

After his electrifying rookie season, we canít wait to see what the future holds for Kamara. Since he doesnít have the Saintsí backfield to himself and might not be able to duplicate last seasonís fantasy-scoring efficiency, Kamara probably shouldnít be one of the very first picks in fantasy drafts, but he makes a fine choice in the middle-to-late first round.

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