Allen Robinson

Wide Receiver • Bears

2018 Projections

138 73 1007 9


Back from a torn ACL that ended his 2017 season in Week One, Robinson will now be suiting up for the Bears, who gave him a three-year, $42-million deal. Chicago had little quality or depth at wide receiver, so Robinson is now poised to become a target hog. New Bears head coach Matt Nagy and offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich figure to open up what had been a conservative Bears offense. During his time in Jacksonville, Robinson had been somewhat constrained by the limitations of QB Blake Bortles, though A-Rob did put up monster numbers in 2015. Still just a pup, Robinson will turn 25 shortly before the start of the regular season.


Some will contend that getting away from Bortles will be a boon to Robinsonís career, but Bears QB Mitch Trubisky is only in his second season and probably still has more growing pains ahead. After his banner season in 2015, Robinson flopped in 2016, catching just 48.3 percent of his targets. With the Bears having no other proven options at wide receiver, Robinson is destined to run up against opponentsí top cornerbacks week after week.

Bottom Line

Itís been three years since Robinsonís breakout season, and despite last yearís ACL tear, a change of venue leaves us optimistic that Robinson can go back to being a high-volume fantasy scorer.

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