Allen Hurns

Wide Receiver • Cowboys

2018 Projections

92 52 701 4


Hurns signed a two-year, $12-million deal with the Cowboys in March, and Dallas has plenty of targets available after releasing veteran WR Dez Bryant in April. Slowed by injuries and uneven QB play in Jacksonville the last two years, Hurns offered little fantasy value, but in 2015 he had 10 TD catches and finished 13th in WR fantasy scoring. The Cowboys have one of the thinnest WR depth charts in the league, so the 26-year-old Hurns figures to play a lot of snaps.


The Dallas passing attack ranked 26th last season and really went to seed over the second half of the season, with QB Dak Prescott playing poorly down the stretch. Hurns missed five games with a hamstring injury in 2016 and six games with an ankle injury in 2017. His yardage per catch has dropped in each of the last two years.

Bottom Line

Hurns hasnít hung up fantasy-relevant numbers since 2015, but itís not inconceivable that he could be the Cowboysí de facto No. 1 receiver this year. Heíll be overlooked in a lot of drafts this year but might return a surprising amount of value on a late-round pick.

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