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Alex Smith

Quarterback • Washington

2018 Projections

312 473 3444 22 11 197 1


Smith had a career year for the Chiefs in 2017. For the first time in his 13 NFL seasons, he topped 4,000 passing yards. He also set a career mark with 26 TD passes. Smith finished eighth in the NFL in passing yards and ninth in scoring tosses. He led the NFL with a 104.7 passer rating. He also added 355 yards and a touchdown via the rush. Washington traded a third-round pick and CB Kendall Fuller to acquire Smith this offseason. The Chiefs went 52-23 with Smith as their starting QB but felt compelled to hand the reins to Mahomes for 2018. In Washington, Smith will take over a Jay Gruden offense that finished 12th in passing yards last season and second in 2016.


Smith has produced fewer than 20 passing touchdowns in all but three of his 13 professional seasons. In the three seasons from 2014-16, he threw a combined 53 touchdowns, an average of 17.7 per year. Before last year, his single-season best in passing yards was 3,502 (2016). Smith threw for fewer than 3,500 yards in each of his first three seasons in Kansas City.

Bottom Line

The pessimist will point to Smith’s pedestrian numbers through most of his career. The optimist might point out that Smith has increased his passing in three consecutive seasons -- setting career marks in each of the last two years. The concern with Smith might be the drop-off in offensive talent in Washington compared to KC. Consider Smith a solid QB2 in larger leagues.

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