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Alex Collins

Running Back • Ravens

2018 Projections

234 999 6 25 198


The Ravens used Collins in a limited role early last year, and the better he performed, the more they piled on his plate. Over the last nine games of the season, Collins ran 150 times for 608 yards and six touchdowns, and he had at least 12 carries in each of those contests. Collins is a rugged tackle breaker who had six TD runs over his last seven games. He also became more of a factor as a receiver late in the season. All 23 of his receptions came in the Ravens’ last nine games, and he ended the year with multiple receptions in seven straight games.


Collins might have proven himself competent as a pass catcher, but he’s not likely to accrue noteworthy receiving totals. The Ravens’ passing game is suspect, so opposing defenses might be tempted to cheat up their safeties to help stop the run. With Kenneth Dixon returning from a knee injury that kept him out all of last season, Collins could face greater competition for carries.

Bottom Line

Released by the Seahawks before the start of the season, Collins turned into one of fantasy’s more pleasant surprises in 2017. Although his early-down skill set caps the upside somewhat, Collins is legitimate and has a good chance to be a productive RB2 for fantasy teams.

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